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About Codename Charming Book

Codename Charming ePUB

In Lucy Parker’s delightful romantic comedy, the stage is set for a captivating story of a grumpy royal bodyguard and his charismatic assistant who’s about to melt his icy exterior. After the smashing success of “Battle Royal,” Lucy Parker is back with another irresistible novel that will leave you smiling and swooning.

Petunia De Vere adores her role as the personal assistant to the affable and endearing Johnny Marchmont. Yet, navigating the challenges of her job involves a unique obstacle—Matthias, the towering and imposing bodyguard who shadows the royal.

Their personalities couldn’t be more different: Pet is a burst of spontaneity and enthusiasm, while Matthias is characterized by rigidity and stoicism. But beneath his tough facade, Pet senses a softer side yearning to emerge.

Learning Oppurtunity in Codename Charming ePUB

In “Codename Charming Lucy Parker PDF,” you’ll uncover a tale brimming with:

  • Contrasting Personalities: Explore the dynamic between the vivacious Pet and the stern Matthias as they collide in the world of royal protection.
  • Comedic Calamities: Follow Johnny Marchmont’s chaotic escapades and the unintended involvement of his bubbly assistant, Pet, who always seems to find herself in the midst of chaos.
  • A Pretend Romance: When the media buzzes with rumors about a romantic entanglement between Pet and Johnny, the royal PR team proposes an unconventional solution—stage a fake relationship. Join them on this charade and witness sparks fly.
  • Unexpected Emotions: As Pet and Matthias spend more time together, watch as their façade of pretense begins to crack, revealing genuine emotions that neither anticipated.
  • Heart-Spinning Moments: Experience the whirlwind of emotions as a passionate kiss ignites a fire between them, leaving them both reeling and questioning what’s real.

About Author

Lucy Parker

Lucy Parker

Lucy Parker resides in New Zealand, cherishing daily views of mountains, lakes, and vineyards. Her fascination with romance started by watching Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice during pre-teen years, leading her to read the book. Introduced to Georgette Heyer by a family friend, and the love for romantic fiction grew.

Connect with her on Twitter @_LucyParker, or visit her website:

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