Hidden Rooms PDF is a debut novel by Kate Michaelson on Mystery. Hidden Rooms is genuinely about one room. The story talks about one secret room and the contents of the room, but that’s it.

Riley and Ethan are brother and sister, and their relationship is central to the story. Riley’s sister-in-law is murdered, which leads to Ethan’s arrest. Despite struggling with debilitating medical symptoms that have evaded diagnosis, Riley is determined to clear her brother’s name.

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The story also addresses the issue of opioid addiction, which adds another layer of complexity to the plot.

The setting of the story is a rural community, which is depicted in such detail that you can almost smell the surrounding farmland and hear the crickets chirping.

The book explores various family dynamics and relationships, which are authentically portrayed, and you feel like they could be your own family.

I found the story engaging and well-written, with just enough suspense to keep me glued to the pages.

I was fully invested in the characters and their struggles and can’t wait to see what the author writes next.

I highly recommend “Hidden Rooms” to anyone who loves a good murder mystery!

About Hidden RoomsKate Michaelson PDF

Book TitleHidden Rooms PDF
AuthorKate Michaelson
File Type.epub, paperback, .pdf, kindle, audiobook
Released DateApril 30, 2024

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