“Playing for Keeps PDF” by Jennifer Dugan is a touching and complex story. The romance between Ivy and June was so sweet! Though not into sports, the author, Dugan, didn’t delve too deeply into the technical aspects of baseball, which allowed for a focus on watching June and Ivy play.

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At first glance, this book might seem like a light and fluffy romantic comedy, but it’s actually much deeper. It deals with grief in a really raw and emotional way. The way it talks about mental health and safety in sports is super important too. Sometimes fans forget that athletes are real people and can be really mean to them when things don’t go their way.

Dugan also explores how grief affects us and shapes our lives. My heart went out to June, Ivy, and their parents as they tried to move forward after losing loved ones. It was tough to read about their pain, but I was glad they were able to open up to each other in the end.

Overall, “Playing for Keeps” is a beautiful and heartwarming romance, perfect for young adult readers.

About Playing for KeepsJennifer Dugan PDF

Book TitlePlaying for Keeps
AuthorJennifer Dugan
File Type.epub, paperback, .pdf, kindle, audiobook
Released DateApril 30, 2024

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