“Recipe for a Charmed Life” is an hearwarming novel written by Rachel Linden, a Bestselling author of “The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie” which is finally out in ePUB, PDF, and Hardcover format and available to read at your nearby book stores or you can avail to read eBook copy online. This book could be classify more as a women fiction over romance.

Mark your calander to order this gifted copy on January 9, 2024.

About Book Synopsis

Recipe for a Charmed Life pdf free download

“Recipe for a Charmed Life” story follows Georgia May Jackson, a talented American chef, who is following her dream of opening a restaurant in Paris. When we meet Georgia, she is working as a sous chef at a popular Parisian restaurant but catches her boyfriend cheating on her with a fellow employee. Feeling angry and betrayed, Georgia abruptly quits her job.

Things go from bad to worse for Georgia when she also loses her sense of taste. How can she be a successful chef if everything she tastes is bitter? Georgia is at a loss for what to do until she unexpectedly hears from her estranged mother, who finally wants to reconnect and invites Georgia to visit her on San Juan Island near Seattle. Georgia reluctantly agrees, hoping a change of scenery will help her recover what she has lost and save her career. She has no idea how truly life-changing this trip will be…

Details of Recipe for a Charmed Life pdf

Book TitleRecipe for a Charmed Life
AuthorRachel Linden
File TypePaperback, pdf, kindle, Audiobook

Learning Oppurtunity

In “Recipe for a Charmed Life” PDF, you’ll learn:

  1. Resilience: Witness Georgia’s resilience in the face of professional and personal setbacks.
  2. Rediscovery of Passion: Experience the protagonist’s journey to rediscover her love for cooking.
  3. Family Dynamics: Explore the complexities of family relationships through Georgia’s reunion with her estranged mother.
  4. Culinary Exploration: Delve into the world of culinary arts and the quest for unique flavors.
  5. Healing through Change: Discover how a change of scenery can bring about profound personal healing.

About Author

Rachel Linden

Rachel Linden, an renowned novelist and international aid worker, draws inspiration from her travels to over fifty countries. Author of “The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie,” “The Enlightenment of Bees,” “Becoming the Talbot Sisters,” and “Ascension of Larks,” she resides on a charming island near Seattle, WA. Rachel crafts tales of resilient women facing substantial challenges, weaving in elements of travel, food, and second chances at love, often with a touch of magical realism. Readers can anticipate a happy, or at least very hopeful, ending in each of her stories.

Explore more about Rachel Linden on her website, or connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

To download/pre-order this heartwarming and soul-stirring journey, grab your copy of “Recipe for a Charmed Life” by clicking on the buttons below. Don’t miss the chance to savor this delectable tale of love, resilience, and the magic of new beginnings.

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