Read ePUB & PDF of “Ruthless Salvation” by Jill Ramsower as this eBook was expected to be releasing on September 6, 2023.

Are you ready for a thrilling journey into the world of desire and danger? Let me introduce you to “Ruthless Salvation” by Jill Ramsower.

Ruthless Salvation Jill Ramsower ePUB

In “Ruthless Salvation by Jill Ramsower ePUB,”Stormy Lawson finds herself caught in a web of temptation and obsession. Torin, her brooding Irish boss, seems to want nothing to do with her during the day, but when night falls, he becomes her relentless shadow.

In “Ruthless Salvation Jill Ramsower pdf,” you’ll discover:

  • The intoxicating power of desire and obsession.
  • The irresistible allure of a grumpy/sunshine romance.
  • The intensity of mafia life, with a touch of possessiveness.
  • A heart-wrenching yet tender and playful love story.
  • A couple’s journey through darkness to find their salvation.

This book is the third installment in The Byrne Brothers series, and while it can be enjoyed as a standalone with a guaranteed happily ever after, for the maximum enjoyment, it’s recommended to follow the series from the beginning.

Content Warning:

Please note that “Ruthless Salvation” is a dark romance with adult themes and may not be suitable for sensitive audiences. It touches on topics like domestic violence (not between the main characters), pregnancy, loss, and infertility. You can find a more detailed list of potential content triggers on the books tab of the author’s website.

A Note from the Author:

Jill Ramsower invites you to experience the grumpy/sunshine trope woven into a story that combines the mafia world with overpowering possessiveness. Torin and Stormy’s journey is heart-wrenching, seductive, tender, and playful all at once. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions!

For those new to Jill’s work, she specializes in what she calls “mafia lite.” Her heroes may be hardened criminals, but they have soft spots for their heroines. While her books might contain violence and cruelty, rest assured, it never happens between the main characters.

So, dive into “Ruthless Salvation” and prepare for a passionate and thrilling ride through the dark and dangerous but ultimately redeeming world of Torin and Stormy’s love story. Buckle up!

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