The Book of Doors is an upcoming debut novel filled with magic, fantasy, danger, time travel, super power and a friendship between a young girl and an older man. This stunning ePUB/pdf is scheduled to be published on February 13, 2024. I would like to congratulate Gareth Brown (Author) for this unique story. The book characters are interesting and unique.

The readers should read this novel if they love reading books, looking for magic, mysticism, and time travel story.

About Book

The Book of Doors pdf free download

In “The Book of Doors pdf” you’ll follow the midnight story of Cassie Andrews, who works in New York City bookshop. In the bookshop she was always shelving books, making coffee for customers and living an unpredicatable ordinary life. But, one day her life take an twisted turn when she witnessed the death of a charming old man who was also claimed to be a favourite customer of the bookshop. In his final moments he gift her a book, which was not an ordinary book… It is the book of Doors.

Written with strange words and strange pictures, this book tells Cassie that any door can lead to any place. You just need to figure out how to unlock them. The book Cassie has now isn’t just any book, it’s the one many people really want. Some would even kill to get the secrets from it. At the top of the list of those people is a dark force, a cruel woman who hides in the shadows.

Details of The Book of Doors pdf

Book TitleThe Book of Doors
AuthorGareth Brown
File TypePaperback, pdf, kindle, Audiobook

Learning Oppurtunity

In “The Book of Doors” PDF, you’ll learn:

  • The allure and peril of possessing extraordinary powers.
  • The importance of friendship and trust in the face of danger.
  • The consequences of wielding ancient and powerful artifacts.
  • The thrill and responsibility of exploring new worlds and possibilities.
  • The resilience needed to confront darkness and protect what’s precious.

About Author

Gareth Brown

Gareth Brown always dreamed of being a writer since he was a kid. He wrote his first book when he was a teenager. For the past twenty years, he has been working in the UK government and healthcare fields while writing stories in his free time. When he’s not busy with work or writing, Gareth enjoys traveling, especially exploring new cities and taking road trips. He also likes having barbecues, indulging in pastries, playing pool, and relaxing in front of the TV. Gareth lives near Edinburgh, Scotland, with his wife and two energetic Skye terriers. “The Book of Doors” is his debut novel.

To read this unique story, grab your advanced copy of “The Book of Doors” by clicking on the buttons below. Don’t miss the chance to step into a world where every door leads to adventure and danger!

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