Introducing ePUB & PDF of ‘The Coworker’ by Freida McFadden, an addictive psychological thriller eBook which was released on August 29th, 2023.

Have you ever felt like the odd one out in your workplace? Meet Dawn Schiff, the enigmatic accountant at Vixed, a nutritional supplement company. She’s never quite fit in, always sticking to her desk at 8:45 a.m., and never saying the right thing.

But when Dawn suddenly disappears, her coworker, the charismatic Natalie Farrell, is thrust into a chilling world of secrets.

In ‘The Coworker’ by Freida McFadden, you’ll dive into a tale of two women, an office brimming with concealed truths, and one unforgivable crime that cannot be undone.

The Coworker (ePUB/PDF) Overview: At Vixed, Dawn’s absence sends shockwaves. An anonymous phone call rocks Natalie’s world, unveiling that Dawn wasn’t just an oddity; she was a target. As Natalie becomes entangled in a harrowing game of cat and mouse, the question lingers: who’s the real victim?

📜 What You’ll Learn in The Coworker Freida McFadden pdf:

  • The price of being different in a conformist world
  • The dark underbelly of office politics
  • The lengths to which people will go to protect their secrets
  • The thin line between victim and perpetrator

Ready to uncover the chilling mystery of ‘The Coworker’? Click the link below to download your copy and step into a world where appearances are deceiving, and the truth is a treacherous path.

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