Scheduled to be released on September 26, 2023, Introducing ePUB & PDF of “The Running Grave” by Robert Galbraith – A gripping dive into the dark underbelly of a seemingly peaceful cult.

Are you ready to uncover the mysteries lurking beneath the surface?

In “The Running Grave” ePUB, you’ll follow Private Detective Cormoran Strike and his partner, Robin Ellacott, on a mission to rescue a young man entangled in the clutches of a perilous cult hidden deep within the Norfolk countryside.

The Universal Humanitarian Church presents itself as a force for good, advocating for a better world. However, Strike unearths sinister secrets and unexplained deaths lurking beneath their façade.

Here’s what you’ll learn in “The Running Grave PDF”:

  1. The chilling world of cults and their hidden agendas.
  2. The lengths to which Strike and Robin are willing to go to save an innocent life.
  3. The personal sacrifices made in the pursuit of justice and truth.
  4. The evolution of the complex relationship between Strike and Robin.
  5. An epic, page-turning narrative that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable seventh installment in the “Cormoran Strike” series.

Dive into the darkness, uncover the secrets, and follow Strike and Robin on their most perilous adventure yet.

Grab your copy by clicking on the buttons below and join the suspenseful journey.

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