From the New York Times bestselling historical fiction author of “The Bear and Nightingale”, comes an suspenseful hauntingly beautiful historical novel “The Warm Hands of Ghosts” by Katherine Arden which is about to hit the book shelves on February 13, 2024.

The Warm Hands of Ghosts’ is a hypnotic fever-dream of despair, desperation, madness and love. It’s a heart-wrenching novel about the desperate lure of escape in the midst of the trauma of war.

Unnerving, haunting, desperate and impossibly beautiful, Freddie and Laura’s stories will linger in the mind long after turning the last page. I can only describe it as perfection. Congratulations @arden_katherine for the years of work you have put into this book, it is exceptional.

About Book Synopsis

The Warm Hands of Ghosts pdf free download
The Warm Hands of Ghosts (Cover)

In “The Warm Hands of Ghosts pdf” you’ll follow the story of two siblings: Laura Iven and Freddie Iven during the World War I era.

In January 1918, Laura Iven [1], a respected nurse, returns home to Halifax, Canada, after being wounded in the war. She learns of her brother Freddie’s death in combat but suspects there’s more to the story. Determined to uncover the truth, she goes back to Belgium as a volunteer. There, she hears tales of haunted trenches and a strange hotelier offering soldiers oblivion through his wine. Laura wonders if Freddie could have escaped the battlefield only to face a new danger.

In November 1917, Freddie Iven [2] finds himself trapped with a wounded German soldier named Hans Winter after an explosion. Despite being enemies, they form an unlikely bond and escape together. They seek refuge with a mysterious man who seems to erase the horrors of war.

As Laura and Freddie confront their past traumas amidst the chaos of war, they must decide whether to hold onto their world or let it go.

Details of The Warm Hands of Ghosts pdf

Book TitleThe Warm Hands of Ghosts
AuthorKatherine Arden
File TypePaperback, pdf, kindle, Audiobook

Learning Oppurtunity

In “The Warm Hands of Ghosts” PDF, you’ll learn:

  1. The resilience of the human spirit in the face of wartime horrors.
  2. The complexities of loyalty and friendship in times of adversity.
  3. The haunting beauty of historical landscapes intertwined with speculative elements.
  4. The power of unlikely alliances forged amidst chaos and destruction.
  5. The depths of trauma and the potential for redemption amidst the shadows of war.

About Author

Katherine Arden

Katherine was born in Texas and went to Middlebury College. She learned French and Russian there. She lived in France and Moscow and also Hawaii, where she wrote most of The Bear and the Nightingale. Now, she lives in Vermont.

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Advance your journey through the echoes of history and the whispers of the supernatural.

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