Step into a world of enthralling fantasy with ePUB & PDF of “My Salvation” by Alanea Alder. This paranormal romance eBook is the fourteenth installment from captvating “Bewitched and Bewildered” series.

Released Date: August 29, 2023

Immerse yourself in a tale where love battles the shadows of uncertainty. Priest Vi’Aerdan’s heart trembles for his mate’s safety, plagued by nightmares of her peril.

His past failures haunt him, but the chilling walls of the palace remind him that his animal companion is his refuge, even if seeking aid from those who once turned away.

Cassandra Vi’Illiya, rooted among humans after her parents’ departure, seeks solace in aiding the grieving. Returning to Éire Danu unveils deep loss, urging her to embrace her true place. Amidst the city’s sorrow, can they uncover the strength to shield their beloved?

Read Online in “My Salvation Alanea Alder” how:

  • Love transcends even the darkest fears.
  • Past failures can pave the path to growth.
  • True belonging emerges from the ashes of loss.
  • Community resilience becomes a beacon of hope.

Ready to experience the enchantment? Download your copy of “My Salvation” now and immerse yourself in a world where love stands as the ultimate sanctuary.

Disclaimer: This book is for personal use only and should not be distributed without the author’s consent.

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