Discover the enticing world of “The Silent Count” by Meg Reading in ePUB & PDF formats, where passion and rules collide in the heart of the game.

This sports romance book is an third installment of fantasting “The League” series which was scheduled to be published on August 25, 2023.

The Silent Count Meg Reading ePUB

🔒 Fortune Parker, the Miami Matrix’s star wide receiver, lives by his coach’s strict rule: Don’t date my daughter. As the team’s PR manager, Lea Sterling’s job is to keep their secrets hidden. But when Fortune joins the team, their hidden identities spark an unexpected connection that challenges everything.

After reading “Silent Count Meg Reading ePUB,” the readers will learn the following:

  • Passion Beyond Boundaries: Explore the electric chemistry that defies rules and expectations.
  • Hidden Desires: Uncover the thrilling world of secret messages and forbidden connections.
  • Balancing Act: Delve into the dilemma of choosing between love and career.
  • Unveiling Truths: Navigate the complexities of dealing with overlapping timelines and spoilers.

“The Silent Count” is a captivating full-length romance that promises a satisfying happily ever after.

While it can be enjoyed as a standalone, for a richer experience, we recommend indulging in the first two books of the series, as this installment offers spoilers and intertwines with “The Red Zone.”

Ready to embark on this passionate journey? Click below to download your copy of “The Silent Count” now and immerse yourself in a love story that dares to break all the rules.

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