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Dependency Theory of International Relations Explained!

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In this installment of the International Relations Theory series, we will delve into the topic of Dependency Theory in International Relations. We will provide an overview of the various definitions, historical background, diverse perspectives, and the nature of Dependency Theory. Additionally, we will highlight the five core assumptions that have been identified as central to this theory.

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Politics Among Nations, written by Hans Morgenthau, is a seminal book on international relations that was first published in 1948. The book remains an important reference in the study of international relations to this day, and is widely considered one of the most influential works in the field. In this article, we will explore Morgenthau’s central arguments and his lasting impact on the field of international relations.

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In international relations, we use three widely accepted levels of generalization (or abstraction) to help understand highly complex problems in world politics. These different levels of analysis illustrate the different reasons why countries go to war, sign treaties or pursue alliances.

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Security Dilemma is generally a escape or an defensive strategy which often visible in International Relations, where a state tries to uphold it sovereignty by avoiding any possibility of external threat from the other state. Security dilemma is a situation where one state feels comparatively less safer than its counter state, this kind of situation creates security dilemma in international relations.