Public Administration

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Explore the inner workings of government and society with a degree in Public Administration. Learn how to effectively manage public resources and improve the lives of citizens through innovative policies and programs.

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New Public Administration (NPA) is the long result and outcome of the inefficiency of the old Public Administration, where need of the people was remain unfulfilled due the inefficiency of the administrators. It was believed that policy formulation is a field of political leaders and policy implementation is a field of Public Administration.

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Management is the process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating and controlling resources in an organization to achieve specific goals and objectives. It is the art of getting things done through people and other resources in an efficient and effective way. In simple terms, management is the process of making decisions and taking actions to achieve the goals of an organization.


Elton Mayo’s Human Relations Theory for PA Studies

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Elton Mayo, the father of human relations theory, emphasized the significance of human behavior in production and the importance of communication between workers and management. His research on fatigue, accidents, production levels, rest periods, and working conditions of industrial workers in factories contributed significantly to the development of modern management theories.