Embark on an epic journey with “All the Gold Between Us,” the thrilling first installment of the Claiming Olympus series by Jade Le Bris, offered as a free download in ePUB & PDF formats. Immerse yourself in this captivating eBook or read it online to experience the allure of ancient realms.

In “All the Gold Between Us,” Kalani Mayfield, an ordinary college student, finds herself trapped in the realm of Greek gods and goddesses. To save her life and return home, she must compete in a deadly Tournament against the powerful Coppers, the grandchildren of the gods. With no magical abilities of her own, Kalani must push her limits, trust others, and navigate a world of magic and danger.

In this thrilling “All the Gold Between Us,” book, you’ll learn:

  • Kalani’s struggle to survive in a lethal competition against godly opponents.
  • The enchanting world of Greek mythology and the powers of the Coppers.
  • The power of trust and found family as Kalani forms new alliances.
  • The excitement of fake dating and forced proximity adding an intriguing twist.

Ready to dive into the world of Greek gods and epic battles? Download “All the Gold Between Us,” the first book in the Claiming Olympus series, and immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure today! 📚💫

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