Happy Pub Day [Feb 27, 2024]. The epub/pdf of ‘A Fate Inked in Blood,’ a novel based on historical fantasy of norse mythology authored by Danielle L. Jensen, a USA today bestselling author is going to be release today.

This novel is the first installment of ‘Saga of Unfated’ series. If you have watched “Vikings” than this novel is a must read.

A Fate Inked in Blood book pdf follows the story of freya, a young shield maiden blessed by gods. Freya battles the wars to unite the nations under a power-hungry kingdom while keeping her attraction for his fiery son (Bjorn).

This is a single-POV that follows Freya, a God-blessed Shield-Maiden in hiding with dreams of being in a Warband. However, she is stuck in a loveless marriage as a fisherman’s wife.

One day her husband betrays her to her Jarl, who has been spending the last 20 years looking for Freya, believing in a prophecy that says “he who controls her fate shall unite the nation and rule the land”.

The Jarl forces Freya to do his bidding and orders his son Bjorn to protect and train her. Soon Freya finds herself thrust into the warrior life she has always pined for, but the biggest battle she has to fight is the forbidden attraction between herself and Bjorn.

About A Fate Inked in Blood book pdf

Book TitleA Fate Inked in Blood
AuthorDanielle L. Jensen
File Type.epub, Paperback, .pdf, kindle, Audiobook

In “A Fate Inked in Blood” PDF, you’ll learn:

  • The challenges of fulfilling destiny amidst political intrigue.
  • The complexities of navigating forbidden desires.
  • The significance of embracing one’s true identity and powers.
  • The sacrifices required for the greater good.
  • The consequences of love in a world torn by ambition and duty.

About Author

Danielle L. Jensen

Danielle L. Jensen is a USA today bestselling author of the Bridge Kingdom series.

Don’t miss out on this gripping Norse-inspired fantasy romance. Grab your copy now by clicking on the buttons below!

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