The Fox Wife pdf, is an asian based folklore tale written by author Yangsze Choo, a NYT bestselling author of “The Night Tiger.” This novel is a rich tangle of myth, mystery, and history which is very enthrailling to read.

The storyline has been masterfully plotted and superbly surprising. Yangsze choo is claimed to be known by publisher as one who brilliantly explores the world of mortals and spirits, humans and beasts and their dazzling intersection.

The readers should mark the date as this novel is going to be relased on February 13, 2024.

The Fox Wife Synopsis

The Fox Wife PDF free download
The Fox Wife

THE FOX WIFE PDF by Yangsze Choo is a highly atmospheric folklore-driven tale centering on two protagonists in Qing Dynasty-era China.

In the first storyline, a fox named Snow is on a quest for vengeance against a photographer whom she believes was involved in her fox cub daughter’s death. Snow, in human form (don’t ask how or why foxes can sometimes become humans), is hired to work as a servant for the matriarch of a family that owns a traditional Chinese medicine shop, which provides her cover while she tries to track down the photographer.

Meanwhile, Bao is a private investigator with an uncanny ability to detect lies. He’s scrutinizing who—or what—is behind the death of a beautiful courtesan found in an alley after a freezing night.

Yangsze Choo’s “The Fox Wife” is a captivating tale of mystery, revenge, and ancient legends coming to life.

About The Fox Wife pdf

Book TitleThe Fox Wife
AuthorYangsze Choo
File Type.epub, Paperback, .pdf, kindle, Audiobook

Learning Oppurtunity

In “The Fox Wife” PDF, you’ll learn:

  1. The allure and danger of folklore and ancient myths.
  2. The complexities of identity and the masks we wear.
  3. The blurred lines between reality and the supernatural.
  4. The power of family legacies and curses.
  5. The timeless themes of revenge, love, and redemption.

About Author

Yangsze Choo

Yangsze Choo is a New York Times Bestselling author of “The Night Tiger.” He brilliantly explores the world of mortals and spirits, humans and beasts and their dazzling intersection.

To embark on this captivating journey and unlock the secrets of “The Fox Wife,” seize your copy by clicking on the buttons below. Don’t miss out on this spellbinding tale of mystery and magic!

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