The One That Got Away with Murder PDF by Trish Lundy (author) is a debut young adult thriller novel.

With this being a young adult mystery-thriller it’s definitely on the darker side and most likely geared towards to more mature readers the young adult genre with things like drinking, smoking, drug use, sex, eating disorders, suicide and certainly murder to mention a few.

Lauren O’Brian (character) is the new girl in town after her mother choses to move them to the other side of country and away from Lauren’s disturbing past in California. Lauren’s mother has a new boyfriend and Lauren is happy for her but only requests that they wait until Lauren is out of the house to officially move in together.

The One that Got Away with Murder pdf free download

After moving to her new town Lauren met Robbie Cresmont and has started a secret affair with him. Robbie volunteers at the same hospital Lauren’s mom works at so she has been meeting up with him there.

When words gets out at school though Lauren learns the Cresmont boys have a very dark and dangerous reputation some even saying they have murdered their exes.

The One That Got Away with Murder by Trish Lundy was a perfect debut thriller novel but for me it wasn’t without some flaws too.

I think the pacing was the biggest thing I noticed with this one with it sometimes crawling along but then when you get to the end it seemed to wrap up really really quickly.

The story is one that is typically found in this genre so it wasn’t an overly surprising ending to me being an avid reader but that said I would still rate this one at three and a half stars and give the author another try if she writes more in the future.

About The One that Got Away with Murder pdf

Book TitleThe One that Got Away with Murder pdf
AuthorTrish Lundy
File Type.epub, Paperback, .pdf, kindle, Audiobook
Release DateTuesday, April 16 2024

If you want to read this adult thriller novel, click on the below links as it will be available on April 16 2024.

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