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This book is from the New York Times bestselling author of “The Nature of Witches” and “Wild is the Witch” which comes as an enthralling romantic fantasy that explores the complexities of forbidden love, the weight of our choices, and the eternal struggle between duty and desire.

About Bring Me Your Midnight eBook

Bring Me Your Midnight PDF, EPUB, VK

Tana Fairchild’s life has been meticulously planned out since birth. She is destined to marry Landon, the governor’s son, in order to forge an unprecedented alliance between her island’s witches and the mainlanders who fear their power. However, when she misses a crucial midnight ritual, she finds herself in peril.

Enter Wolfe, a practitioner of dark magic, the only one who can assist her. As the sea grows unruly and dangerous, Tana must decide between her duty and her heart’s true desires.

Learning Oppurtunity in Bring Me Your Midnight ePUB

In Bring Me Your Midnight pdf, the readers will learn the following:

  • The consequences of forbidden love and the choices we make.
  • The struggle between duty and personal desires.
  • The allure and dangers of forbidden magic.

About Author

Rachel Griffin

Rachel Griffin

Rachel Griffin, the bestselling author of The Nature of Witches and Wild is the Witch, enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest, reading by the fire, and indulging in coffee and tea. Based in Seattle with family, a dog, and many houseplants. Connect at rachelgriffinbooks.com or Instagram @TimesNewRachel.

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