Discover the latest “72” installment in the gripping Children of Gods book series – ‘Dark Healing Blind Trust’ by I.T. Lucas. Available formats – PDF, Kindle, and Paperback

Quick Summary & Storyline

In this book, we follow Mo-red, a main character (MC) riddled with guilt over the crimes he was forced to commit. Ready to accept the death sentence he believes he deserves, Mo-red’s world changes when the clan’s psychologist offers him a new perspective on his past and hope for a better future.

Experience a Thrilling Journey

In ‘Dark Healing Blind Trust,’ you’ll experience a thrilling journey filled with heart-wrenching emotions, dangerous alliances, and unexpected twists. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat as you explore the complex characters and their motivations.

What skills you’ll learn?

By reading ‘Dark Healing Blind Trust,’ you’ll learn how to:

  • Face the consequences of your actions and find redemption
  • Challenge your beliefs and explore new perspectives
  • Build trust in relationships despite past betrayals
  • Overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of your happiness

About Author

I.T. Lucas

I.T. Lucas

Isabell T. Lucas is a bestselling author known for her Children of the Gods and Perfect Match series, both of which have earned her a place in the top 10 Kindle All-Star category. Her unique storytelling style blends action, mystery, and romance with elements of paranormal activity, ancient history, and contemporary science. A true book lover, Isabell enjoys nothing more than sipping coffee and diving into a good book.

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To download Book 72 ‘Dark Healing Blind Trust PDF,’ click on the link below and join the thousands of fans already hooked on the Children of Gods (COG) book series.

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