Delhi University (DU) is one of the most prestigious universities in India, and the Department of Political Science in DU is known for its rigorous and comprehensive curriculum. The DU notes for the political science are designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the subject matter and prepare them for their exams.

The DU Political Science Notes are divided into several sections, each covering a different topic. These sections include:

  1. Introduction to Political Science: This section provides an overview of the subject matter and the main concepts and theories that are covered throughout the course.
  2. Political Theory: This section covers the major political theories and ideologies, such as liberalism, socialism, and feminism.
  3. Comparative Politics: This section covers the study of politics in different countries and regions, and how different political systems work.
  4. International Relations: This section covers the study of relations between nations, including the causes and consequences of war, diplomacy, and global governance.
  5. Indian Politics: This section covers the politics of India, including the history of Indian politics, the political system, and the major political parties.
  6. Public Administration: This section covers the study of how governments work, including the bureaucracy, public policy, and the role of the media in government.

The DU notes for the political science also include case studies, examples, and exercises to help students understand and apply the concepts and theories covered in the course. Additionally, the DU notes also include important dates and events from history and current affairs which will help students to better understand the subject.

B.A. Political Science Subject-Wise Notes & Solutions, and Assignment Solutions
Name of PaperSubjects
1.1 Paper IUnderstanding Political Theory
1.2 Paper-IIConstitutional Government and Democracy in India
2.1 Paper IIIPolitical Theory-Concepts and Debates
2.2 Paper IVPolitical Process in India
3.1 Paper V Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics
3.2 Paper VIPerspectives on Public Administration
3.3 Paper VIIPerspectives on International Relations and World History
4.1 Paper VIIPolitical Processes and Institutions in Comparative Perspective
4.2 Paper IXPublic Policy and Administration in India
4.3 Paper XGlobal Politics
5.1 Paper XIClassical Political Philosophy
5.2 Paper XIIIndian Political Thought-I
6.1 Paper XIIIModern Political Philosophy
6.2 Paper XIVIndian Political Thought-II

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