Get ready for a delightful journey through the streets of Manhattan with ‘Emma of 83rd Street’ by Emily Harding and Audrey Bellezza. This charming debut novel brings together the classic tale of Jane Austen’s Emma with the modern-day misadventures of Manhattan’s dating scene.

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Emma of 83rd Street Summary

Emma [1] Woodhouse is a beautiful, clever, and rich young woman who has lived her entire life in her tight-knit Upper East Side neighborhood. But when her sister gets married and moves downtown, Emma’s life suddenly feels empty and dull. That is until she meets Nadine [2], a wide-eyed Ohio transplant who becomes Emma’s new friend and project. However, Emma’s overbearing neighbor, George Knightley [3], keeps getting in her way.

Knightley [4] is Emma’s childhood friend, and despite his frustrations with her shopping sprees and ill-conceived hobbies, he can’t help but notice that Emma has grown into a beautiful woman. As Emma’s matchmaking attempts lead to unexpected results and Knightley becomes more involved in her life, they both realize that their constant need to be right has been replaced by a new need – love.

In the PDF of ‘Emma of 83rd Street,’ you’ll discover:

  • The joys and challenges of modern dating in Manhattan
  • The importance of friendship and community
  • The power of love to surprise and transform our lives

About Author

Audrey Bellezza

Audrey Bellezza

Audrey Bellezza, a seasoned TV producer and Emmy nominee, brings over two decades of experience in nonfiction television. Her talent in writing, development, and executive production has graced numerous networks and streaming platforms. Residing in New Jersey, Audrey cherishes her role as a wife and mother of two.

Emily Harding

Emily Harding

Emily Harding is a multi-talented author and TV producer, renowned for her diverse body of work showcased across various networks and websites. When not immersed in her creative endeavors, she enjoys quality time with her husband and two children, even if it means frequently succumbing to defeat in Monopoly.

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