Get ready for a heartwarming and delectable tale with PDF of ‘Fake Dates and Mooncakes’ by Sher Lee, a Singaporean Author. Step into the world of Dylan Tang [1] as he navigates the challenges of fake dates, mooncakes, and rich people problems. But amidst the glitz and glamour, love wasn’t meant to be on the menu…

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Fake Dates and Mooncakes PDF

Fake Date and Mooncakes (Summary + Storyline)

Dylan Tang [1], a hardworking student and delivery runner for his aunt’s struggling Chinese takeout in Brooklyn, finds himself at a crossroads. To save the business from closing its doors, Dylan needs to win a prestigious mooncake competition that could bring the much-needed publicity and success they desperately need.

Just when things seem bleak, enter Theo Somers [2], a charming and affluent customer who proposes a unique proposition to Dylan. He convinces Dylan to be his fake date to a family wedding, an event brimming with crazy rich drama. Their romance is meant to be a façade, a charade for the world to see… but soon enough, Dylan finds himself falling for Theo. The lines between pretense and reality blur, and Dylan’s heart becomes entangled in the unexpected.

However, with the mooncake contest looming and the future of his family’s business hanging in the balance, Dylan can’t afford to be distracted by the complexities of rich-people problems and matters of the heart. Will he be able to save his family’s cherished business and follow his heart’s desires, or will he be forced to make a choice that could lead to failure in both endeavors?

In Sher Lee’s ‘Fake Dates and Mooncakes,’ Book PDF you’ll discover:

  • The alluring world of fake relationships and the unexpected bonds they can create
  • The delectable art of mooncake making and its cultural significance
  • The complexities of balancing personal dreams with family responsibilities
  • The pursuit of love and self-discovery amidst societal expectations

About Author

Sher Lee

Sher Lee

Sher Lee, a Singaporean author, crafts delightful rom-coms and enchanting fantasy novels for teenagers. With an unwavering affection for local street food, especially xiao long bao, she infuses her stories with the magic of both love and delicious cuisine. Her debut YA novel, “Fake Dates and Mooncakes,” showcases her talent for captivating storytelling.

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