Enid Blyton’s Famous Five Book series available in PDF is a beloved classic that has enchanted generations of children since its debut in 1942. The series follows the adventures of four children – Julian, Dick, Anne, and Georgina (who is often referred to as George) – and their trusty dog, Timmy, as they solve mysteries and uncover secrets. The Famous Five series consists of 21 books, with the first one being Five on a Treasure Island.

Name of BookFamous Five (Complete Collection)
AuthorEnid Blyton
GenresClassic Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy
Article CategoryBooks, Comics, and Novels
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The Story of Five on a Treasure Island

Five on a Treasure Island is the first book in the Famous Five series. It starts with the four children and their dog Timmy on their way to Kirrin Island, where George’s family owns a house. On their journey, they come across a shipwreck and learn that George’s great-great-great-grandfather was on that ship, which was carrying a lot of gold. However, the treasure was never found, despite many attempts.

The children believe that the treasure is still on the island and start searching for it. While chasing a rabbit, Timmy leads the children to a clue that sets them on the path to the treasure. They eventually discover a box that contains a map to the treasure, and the children set off to find it. Along the way, they encounter danger, excitement, and adventure, as they explore the island and its secrets.

The Five and their Personalities

In this section, we’ll delve into The Five and their personalities.

  1. Julian – Julian is the eldest of the Five, and he is the natural leader of the group. He is responsible, practical, and always thinks ahead. Julian is very protective of his siblings and always looks out for them.
  2. Dick – Dick is the second oldest and often takes a backseat to Julian’s leadership. He is more of a follower than a leader, but he is still an important part of the group. Dick is kind, thoughtful, and always willing to lend a hand.
  3. Anne – Anne is the youngest of the Five, and she is often the voice of reason in the group. She is sensible, practical, and very organized. Anne is also very empathetic and is always there to listen when one of the others needs to talk.
  4. George – George is the tomboy of the group, and she often dresses like a boy. She is feisty, independent, and loves to take risks. George is also very loyal to her friends and would do anything for them.
  5. Timmy – Timmy is the Five’s trusty dog, and he is always by their side. He is very intelligent and often helps the Five solve their mysteries. Timmy is also very protective of his friends and will do anything to keep them safe.
JulianEldestResponsible, Practical, Leader
DickSecond OldestKind, Thoughtful, Follower
AnneYoungestSensible, Practical, Organized
GeorgeTomboyFeisty, Independent, Risk-taker
TimmyDogIntelligent, Loyal, Protective
Table: The Five and their Personalities

Other Books in the Series

The Famous Five series has 20 other books, each with its own unique adventure and mystery. Some of the most popular titles include Five Go Adventuring Again, Five Run Away Together, and Five Go to Mystery Moor. The series has sold millions of copies worldwide and has been translated into over 40 languages.

Book TitleNumber in the SeriesPublication Year
Five On A Treasure Island11942
Five Go Adventuring Again21943
Five Run Away Together31944
Five Go To Smuggler’s Top41945
Five Go Off In A Caravan51946
Five On Kirrin Island Again61947
Five Go Off To Camp71948
Five Get Into Trouble81949
Five Fall Into Adventure91950
Five On A Hike Together101951
Five Have A Wonderful Time111952
Five Go Down To The Sea121953
Five Go To Mystery Moor131954
Five Have Plenty Of Fun141955
Five On A Secret Trail151956
Five Go To Billycock Hill161957
Five Get Into A Fix171958
Five On Finniston Farm181960
Five Go To Demon’s Rocks191961
Five Have A Mystery To Solve201962
Five Are Together Again211963

As you can see, the Famous Five series consists of 21 books in total.

Where to Find Famous Five Books in PDF Format

The first edition of Five on a Treasure Island was published in 1942, and since then, the book has been reprinted many times. The book is available in paperback and hardcover formats, and it is also available in digital format, including PDF.

If you’re looking to read the Famous Five series in PDF format, there are several websites where you can download them for free or at a small cost. Some popular websites include Project Gutenberg, Open Library, and Amazon Kindle. These websites offer a wide range of formats, including PDF, EPUB, and MOBI, which can be read on a variety of devices.

WebsiteFormats Available
Project GutenbergPDF, EPUB, MOBI
Open LibraryPDF, EPUB, MOBI, Daisy, DjVu
Amazon KindlePDF, EPUB, MOBI

These websites offer a great selection of formats for all kinds of devices, including tablets, phones, e-readers, and computers. It is important to remember to download the books legally and not to infringe any copyright laws.

Links to Download Famous Five Books PDF

The Famous Five Book PDF series by Enid Blyton has been a beloved children’s series for generations. If you are looking to read the series in PDF format, there are a number of websites where you can find these books for free.

Here is a table with the titles and links to where you can find them:

Book TitleLink to PDF Download
Five On A Treasure Island[Link to PDF]
Five Go Adventuring Again[Link to PDF]
Five Run Away Together[Link to PDF]
Five Go To Smuggler’s Top[Link to PDF]
Five Go Off In A Caravan[Link to PDF]
Five On Kirrin Island Again[Link to PDF]
Five Go Off To Camp[Link to PDF]
Five Get Into Trouble[Link to PDF]
Five Fall Into Adventure[Link to PDF]
Five On A Hike Together[Link to PDF]
Five Have A Wonderful Time[Link to PDF]
Five Go Down To The Sea[Link to PDF]
Five Go To Mystery Moor[Link to PDF]
Five Have Plenty Of Fun[Link to PDF]
Five On A Secret Trail[Link to PDF]
Five Go To Billycock Hill[Link to PDF]
Five Get Into A Fix[Link to PDF]
Five On Finniston Farm[Link to PDF]
Five Go To Demon’s Rocks[Link to PDF]
Five Have A Mystery To Solve[Link to PDF]
Five Are Together Again[Link to PDF]

Please note that it is important to make sure you are downloading the books legally and not violating any copyright laws.

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