If you’re an aviator or aviation enthusiast, you cannot afford to be without the up-to-date edition of the PDF & ePUB of FAR AIM 2023. This essential book, authored by the Federal Aviation Administration Staff, ensures that you have the most current and accurate information on federal regulations and FAA data, policies, and advisories.

FAR AIM 2023 pdf

In the FAR/AIM 2023 pdf, you’ll find:
🔹 Comprehensive updates reflecting the latest federal regulations
🔹 Procedures and illustrations brought up to date
🔹 Specific pilot training certifications and ratings guide
🔹 Pilot/controller glossary
🔹 Standard instrument procedures
🔹 Parachute operations
🔹 Airworthiness standards for aircraft and parts
🔹 Flight and pilot school information
🔹 Important FAA contact details

Book NameFAR/AIM 2023
AuthorFederal Aviation Administration Staff
File SizeMB
Publication DateApril 11, 2023

Get your copy of the FAR/AIM 2023 by Federal Aviation Administration Staff now to stay informed and compliant with the latest aviation regulations. Don’t leave the ground without it!

Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or an aspiring aviator, this indispensable resource provides you with the rules, requirements, and procedures you need to operate safely in US airspace.

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