On this page you will find “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” marks the end of the beloved trilogy directed by James Gunn. The movie sees the Guardians save Rocket from The High Evolutionary and decide what they want from life and each other. In the mid-credits scene, a new team of Guardians led by Rocket is introduced. The final credits scene shows Peter Quill reuniting with his grandfather after years apart. While some original members retire, the new team promises thrilling adventures for fans of the franchise.

Guradians of Galaxy 3 Official Trailer

The Plot Summary

The Guardians, as always, are on a mission to save the galaxy from evil. This time, they find themselves up against The High Evolutionary, who has taken Rocket captive. Through the power of teamwork and their strong bond as a family, the Guardians manage to free Rocket from The High Evolutionary’s grasp. But they don’t stop there. The team also rescues other creatures that were being experimented on and provides them with a new home on Knowhere.

After their victory, the Guardians take a moment to reflect on their lives and the future they want to create together. They have a heart-to-heart conversation about their dreams and aspirations. However, Gamora is no longer connected to the Guardians due to time travel, which leaves the team feeling incomplete.

Drax and Nebula decide to stay on Knowhere and lead the new colony of rescued creatures. Mantis wants to find her true self and embarks on her own adventure. Star-Lord decides to pass on the captain title to Rocket and fulfill his own desire to visit his grandfather on planet Earth.

Through it all, the Guardians show us the power of love, teamwork, and sacrifice. They demonstrate that even in the darkest of times, the bonds of family can triumph over evil.

The Mid-Credits Scene: A New Guardians Roster

  • The scene opens with Rocket and his new roster of Guardians.
  • Rocket, Cosmo, Adam Warlock, Kraglin, a very massive Groot, and one of the Star Kids are present.
  • They are hanging out just beyond the perimeter of a village, talking about their favorite songs.
  • A stampede of alien beasts descend upon the village, and the Guardians give us a group superhero pose before storming into battle.
  • The scene establishes the new Guardians roster now that Rocket has taken over.
  • Heavy hitters like Adam Warlock and Cosmo have joined the team.
  • Kraglin has mastered the hot pink, whistle-controlled arrow once used by Star-Lord’s adoptive father Yondu.
  • The unnamed Star Kid appears to have some powers, but we don’t know exactly what powers they may have.

Rocket’s Song Choice

  • Rocket plays “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone.
  • This was the song playing in the first scene of the original 2014 “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie.
  • The song choice is not just an homage to Quill but also signals a new introduction for the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Final Credits Scene: Peter Quill’s Reunion with his Grandfather

  • Peter Quill reunites with his grandfather after spending all these years apart.
  • They have breakfast together and complain.
  • Peter talks about an unnamed neighbor asking him to mow the lawn.
  • His grandfather agrees and says, in a callback to a running gag in the first movie, “What a bunch of a-holes.”
Guardians of Galaxy 3 New Trailer

In the end,“Guardians of the Galaxy 3” delivers a heartfelt goodbye to the original team while introducing a new roster of Guardians. With plenty of action, humor, and heart, it’s a fitting conclusion to the Guardians’ story while leaving the door open for more adventures in the future.

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