Get ready for a sizzling adventure in PDF & ePUB format of ‘Hell Fae Warden’ by Lexi C. Foss and J.R. Thorn. Released on June 12, 2023, this captivating book is the second installment in the thrilling ‘Hell Fae’ series.

In a realm where Hell and Fae collide, Camillia De la Croix, a fiery Halfling Hell Fae, finds herself in a precarious situation. After escaping the clutches of the dungeon and venturing into the Fae realms, she becomes the target of the vengeful Hell Fae King. The burden falls on the Hell Fae Warden, who must discover how she managed to flee and face the consequences.

In ‘Hell Fae Warden,’ you’ll learn:

  • The secrets and dangers of the Hell Fae and Fae realms.
  • The strength and determination of Camillia De la Croix, a Halfling Hell Fae.
  • The intense dynamics between the Hell Fae Commander Az, Prince Melek, and the rebellious beauty Camillia.
  • The thrilling Hell Fae Trials and the fate that awaits Camillia.
Hell Fae Warden
Book NameHell Fae Warden pdf
AuthorLexi C. Foss and J.R. Thorn
SeriesHell Fae
File SizeMB
Publication DateJune 12, 2023

To get a copy of ‘Hell Fae Warden,’ refer the link below and embark on an unforgettable journey through the realms. Don’t miss your chance to delve into this dark and seductive world.

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