Get ready to be captivated by the latest STANDALONE, full-length BRATVA/BODYGUARD ROMANCE novel from USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Michelle Heard. ‘Restrain Me’ PDF is a thrilling tale of forbidden love and danger that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

The story follows a young socialite, who is used to living a life of luxury, until her father hires a bodyguard to protect her from threats on her life. Enter Maxim Levin, the Russian God with intense eyes and a face carved from stone. He’s domineering, broody, and scary as hell, but the more time she spends with him, the more his secrets come to light.

It turns out Maxim is not just a regular bodyguard; he’s an assassin hired by her father. As she tries to uncover the truth about Maxim’s past, she discovers a shocking secret that changes everything she thought she knew about him.

‘Restrain Me’ PDF is a STANDALONE, full-length novel that will leave you breathless. But be warned, this book contains triggering content and is only suitable for readers aged 18 and above.

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