Are you ready to conquer Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning challenges? Introducing PDF format of “Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning” by R. V. Praveen – your ultimate guide to mastering numerical and logical reasoning!

The “Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning” Book offers a comprehensive approach to enhance your quantitative and logical abilities. With concise explanations and ample practice questions, this book equips you with the necessary skills to excel in competitive exams.

Here what topics you’ll be able to master after reading R.V Praveen’s “Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning” Book:

  1. HCF and LCM
  2. Permutation and Combination
  3. Probability
  4. Ratio and Proportion
  5. Percentage
  6. Average
  7. Problems based on ages
  8. Profit and Loss
  9. Squares and Square Roots
  10. Cubes and Cube Roots
  11. Series and Progression
  12. Fractions
  13. Elementary Algebra I and II
  14. Partnership
  15. Simple Interest
  16. Compound Interest
  17. Time and Work
  18. Work and Wages
  19. Pipes and Cisterns
  20. Allegation
  21. Problems on Trains
  22. Boats and Streams
  23. Elementary Mensuration I and II
  24. Problems on Clocks
  25. Problems on Calendar
  26. Time and Distances
  27. Heights and Distances
  28. Trigonometry
  29. Odd Man Out and Series
  30. Data Sufficiency
  31. Data Analysis
  32. Mathematical Operations
  33. Divisibility
  34. Number System
  35. Arithmetical Reasoning
  36. Simplification
  37. Races and Games
  38. Stocks and Shares
  39. Discount
  40. Logarithm

Part II: Reasoning Section:
A. General Mental Ability

  1. Analogy
  2. Classification
  3. Series Completion
  4. Coding and Decoding
  5. Blood Relations
  6. Puzzle Test
  7. Direction Sense Test
  8. Logical Venn Diagrams
  9. Number Ranking and Time Sequence Test
  10. Decision Making
  11. Assertion and Reason
  12. Situation Reaction Test
  13. Mathematical Operations
  14. Inserting the Missing One
  15. Logical Sequence of Words

B. Logical Deduction

  1. Logic
  2. Statements and Arguments
  3. Statements and Assumptions
  4. Statements and Course of Action
  5. Statements and Conclusions
  6. Deriving Conclusions from Passages

C. Nonverbal Reasoning

  1. Series
  2. Analogy
  3. Classification
  4. Analytical Reasoning
  5. Problems on Cubes and Dice
  6. Mirror Images
  7. Water Images
  8. Rule Detection

Get ready to ace those exams! Download your copy of “Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning” now and unlock the secrets to problem-solving success!

Preface, Model Test Papers, and More Included!

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