Are you ready to conquer the world of Quantitative Aptitude? Look no further! ‘Quantum Cat’ by Sarvesh Kumar Verma in PDF/ePUB is the ultimate guide to mastering quantitative skills and cracking exams like CAT, GMAT, SSC CGL, and more.

About Quantum Cat Book

Quantum Cat Sarvesh Kumar Verma PDF, EPUB, VK

Quantum Cat divides the entire syllabus into 21 comprehensive chapters, providing you with a well-designed module to develop strong concepts. With over 400 fundamental concepts and 1000+ examples, you’ll gain a solid foundation.

The book boasts a collection of 5000+ handcrafted problems, graded based on difficulty level, ensuring a smooth learning curve. The inclusion of solved papers from XAT 2022, IIFT 2021, CMAT 2021 (SLOT – I & SLOT – II) allows you to practice real exam questions.

Learning Oppurtunities from Quantum Cat eBook

In PDF format of ‘Quantum Cat’ by Sarvesh Kumar Verma, you’ll learn:

  • Master essential Quantitative Aptitude concepts
  • Solve more than 5000 problems to reinforce learning
  • Benefit from tips and shortcuts used by top scorers in CAT, GMAT, SSC CGL, and other exams
  • Overcome the fear of mathematics with lateral solutions

TOC of Arihant’s Quantum Cat Book

TOC Quantum Cat
  1. Number System
  2. Average, Allegations
  3. Ratio, Proportions and Variations
  4. Percentage
  5. Profit, Loss and Discount
  6. CI/SI/Installments
  7. Time and Work
  8. Time, Speed and Distance
  9. Mensuration
  10. Trigonometry
  11. Geometry
  12. Elements of Algebra
  13. Theory of Equations
  14. Set Theory
  15. Logarithm
  16. Functions and Graphs
  17. Sequence, Series and Progressions
  18. Permutations and Combinations
  19. Probability
  20. Co-ordinate Geometry
  21. Solved Papers: XAT 2022, IIFT 2021, CMAT 2021 (SLOT – I & SLOT – II)

Take the first step towards mastering Quantitative Aptitude – download ‘Quantum Cat’ now and embark on your journey to success! 📚🎯

About Author

Sarvesh K Verma

Sarvesh Kumar Verma

Sarvesh K. Verma, an MBA from IIM India, is a renowned mentor, author, and advisor in aptitude, corporate, and life skills. His Quantum CAT book revolutionized CAT preparation worldwide. With diverse experience, he excels in re-engineering systems and mentoring startups for sustainable growth.

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