Escape into a world of magic, love, and rebellion with ‘Ruins of Sea and Souls PDF,’ book 3 of the Fae Isles series. The story follows Emelin, an unbound mage, and her forbidden love for a fae executioner, Creon. As war looms over the Fae Isles, Emelin and her friends must break the Mother’s bindings and persuade the rest of the world to join their rebellion. But their would-be allies are more concerned with Emelin’s connection to the feared and hated Silent Death than the greater good.

In ‘Ruins of Sea and Souls’ Book PDF, Emelin and Creon must journey to a plague-cursed continent to learn more about the bindings. Along the way, they face dragons, ruins, and murderous forests, while tensions between Creon and their travel companions come to a boiling point. And if their love may cost them the victory against the Mother, Emelin must choose between her heart and her duty.

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This book is an adult fantasy romance and features scenes intended for a mature audience. If you loved the previous books in the series, you won’t want to miss ‘Ruins of Sea and Souls.’ To download your free copy of the book in PDF format, click on the link below.

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