🌟 Uncover the Chilling Secrets of “Silence for the Dead” by Simone St. James eBook in ePUB & PDF formats or you can read it online without hassle.

Silence for the Dead ePUB Overview: At Portis House, the patients hide the shame of their mental instability, haunted by nervous attacks and tormenting dreams. But more than crumbling plaster and eerie noises lurk within its walls. The former occupants vanished abruptly, leaving behind chilling mysteries.

The patients share the same unspeakable nightmare, and Kitty finds a dangerous ally in Jack Yates, an enigmatic inmate. As they dig deeper, they uncover powerful spectral forces and must face a medical catastrophe that isolates them further, pushing them into the heart of a perilous mystery.

In “Silence for the Dead pdf,” you’ll learn:

👉 The dark secrets shrouding Portis House
👉 The truth behind the patients’ shared nightmare
👉 The mysterious history of the former occupants
👉 The perilous alliance between Kitty and Jack
👉 The battle against menacing spectral forces

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