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Good quality information is crucial for effective decision making. In this article, we will discuss the attributes that add value to information and how they can be improved.Attributes of Good Quality Information: There are several attributes that contribute to good quality information. Let’s explore them in detail.

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In his book Principles of Scientific Management, Taylor gave the following principles such as – The development of a true science of work. The scientific selection and progressive development of the workman. Equal division of work between management and workers. Mutual collaboration of the workers and management

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The modern workplace is facing numerous social challenges, from diversity and inclusion to mental health and technological advancements. As companies strive to create a productive, inclusive, and sustainable workplace, they must address these challenges head-on. Massie has identified 8 key social issues that are particularly relevant for management, and addressing these issues requires a proactive approach.

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Theories of Management can be grouped into five main categories: classical management theories, behavioral management theories, systems theory, contingency theory, and Modern Management Theories. Each theory has its own unique perspective on how to best manage an organization.