How do you pronounce the correct✅ English sentences? As you know that english language is becoming the part of our day to day activity. Therefore, it necessitates to spell and speak the correct english sentense while speaking 🗣 with anyone.

Today, in this blog post you will learn the ✅ english phrases which is the large part of our day to day conversation 💭💬🗯. We will also give you the list of wrong english phrases which people nowadays speaks around the globe.

❌ Wrong English Phrases✅ Correct English Phrases
People isPeople Are
Discuss AboutDiscuss
At SundayOn Sunday
How to Spell….? How do you spell?
He is more tall. He is taller.
I didn’t called her. I didn’t call her.
What time it is? What time is it?
Three Days BackThree Days Ago
Can you explain me the grammer? Can you explain the grammer to me?

Above are very useful and effective phrases which will give boost to your english learning and speaking skills.

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I hope you would find this post useful. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family for non-stop english tips & tricks.

Thank you.

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