Basic English vs Advanced English: Do you find it hard to learn English❓ Are you lacking some advanced english vocabulary skills which stands you out from others? Hey, in this blog post today we get you a list of some advanced english vocabulary 🔤 which should be used in place of basic english vocabulary.

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Basic Vs Advanced English

I’ve prepared a table on Basic to Advanced English vocabulary 🔤 to just show you how you could become better version of yourself. Find the table below –

Basic EnglishAdvanced English
I am very busyI am swamped
It’s not difficultIt’s not rocket science🚀🔬
Can you move a little bit? Can you scoot over?

The above are just few examples of advanced english vocabulary that you can use instead of basic english vocabulary, like I just shown you in the above table.

In the beginning many people find it difficult to learn these advanced english vocabulary since they may have never heard about this before.

Here, let me give you a quick advice. Before digging into learn those advanced english learning skills, you must first develop a skill set of basic english grammer to master the art of english.

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