Get ready to discover a captivating tale of forbidden love and self-discovery in ‘We Could Be So Good pdf’ by Cat Sebastian. Released on June 6, 2023, ‘We Could Be So Good’ is a poignant and heartfelt novel that will transport you to a time of social tension and personal growth. In this blog post get ready to discover about book summary, details, highlights, learning opportunities, spoiler and author bio along with links to get a book copy in different formats.

About “We Could Be So Good” Book

We Could Be So Good Summary

We Could Be So Good Cat Sebastian Summary: In the late 1950s, Nick Russo [1], a determined reporter from a rough Brooklyn neighborhood, struggles to navigate a hostile world for gay men. His life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Andy Fleming [2], the carefree son of a newspaper tycoon. Andy reluctantly agrees to work at the newspaper, and Nick becomes his guiding light amidst chaos.

A deep friendship forms, blossoming into a forbidden romance they can’t deny. But societal pressures loom, threatening to tear them apart. Now, Nick and Andy must find the courage to fight for their love and defy the odds in a world determined to keep them apart.


In ‘We Could Be So Good pdf,’ you’ll learn:

  • The challenges faced by gay men in the late 1950s and the societal pressures they endured.
  • The power of friendship and how it can evolve into something deeper.
  • The importance of self-acceptance and embracing love despite adversity.
  • The courage it takes to defy societal norms and fight for what you believe in.

Lore Olympus Volume 4 pdf Details

Book TitleWe Could Be So Good
AuthorCat Sebastian
Available formatpdf, kindle, hardcover, audiobook, paperback
Pages384 pages
Released DateJune 6, 2023

Get a book copy of “We Could Be So Good pdf” by Cat Sebastian by following the below available links and Join Nick and Andy on a journey of courage, resilience, and the fight for love in a world determined to keep them apart.

About Author

Cat Sebastian

Cat Sebastian

Cat Sebastian is author of several romantic novels. She currently lives somewhere in South America.

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