Discover a world of scandal, ambition, and unexpected love in ePUB & PDF formats of ‘The Art of Scandal’ by Regina Black eBook with free download. This book is an wildly steamy and heartwarming debut that will keep you hooked from the very first page.

About The Art of Scandal eBook

The Art of Scandal PDF, EPUB, VK

On her husband’s fortieth birthday, Rachel Abbott receives a shocking text meant for another woman. Divorce is inevitable, but Matt, a rising star mayor with political aspirations, can’t risk a messy split during his reelection campaign.

They strike a deal: Rachel gets one million dollars and their lavish DC home if she plays the ideal Black trophy wife until the election. However, everything changes when she meets Nathan Vasquez, a talented artist who reignites her passion for life.

Learning Oppurtunity in The Art of Scandal ePUB

In The Art of Scandal pdf, the readers will learn the following:

  • The complexities of navigating scandal and political ambitions
  • The transformative power of art and passion
  • Embracing unexpected love and taking chances

About Author

Regina Black

Regina Black

Regina Black, an ex-civil litigator and now law school admin, is a lifelong romance reader devoted to portraying Black women in media. Living in Little Rock, Arkansas, with family.

Ready to dive into the world of intrigue and romance? Get a copy of ‘The Art of Scandal’ now and let yourself be swept away by this captivating tale.

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