Get ready for an epic finale with ‘The Bone Shard War’ by Andrea Stewart in PDF format, the thrilling conclusion to the action-packed and magic-filled Drowning Empire series. In this book, Lin Sukai has just won her first battle as Emperor, but her victory is short-lived as she faces new enemies and dangerous plots.

In ‘The Bone Shard War,’ you’ll join Lin on her quest to find the seven legendary swords that hold the key to saving the Phoenix Empire from certain doom. But with traitors lurking in every corner and old enemies returning, the task ahead of her is more perilous than ever before.

By reading ‘The Bone Shard War,’ you’ll discover:

  • The fate of the Phoenix Empire and the Sukai dynasty
  • The truth behind the legendary seven swords and their powers
  • The ultimate showdown between Lin Sukai and her enemies
  • The power of loyalty, love, and sacrifice in the face of adversity

About Author

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Andrea Stewart

Andrea Stewart, born to Chinese American immigrants, spent her formative years in various locations across the United States. Although her aspirations of becoming a dragon slayer were ambitious, she shifted her focus to writing books. Currently, she resides in the sunny state of California.

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To download your free copy of ‘The Bone Shard War’ PDF, simply click on the link below. Don’t miss out on the exciting conclusion to the Drowning Empire series!

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