Are you ready for a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy that will have you embracing life outside your comfort zone? Look no further than “The Boyfriend Candidate” by Ashley Winstead in PDF format.

Storyline of The Boyfriend Candidate

Characters: Alexis Stone (Librarian), Logan (Logan Arthur) MC

In this book, you’ll follow Alexis Stone, a shy school librarian who decides to take control of her life after being dumped for being too meek in bed. Her first step towards a more adventurous life is to have a one-night stand with Logan, a gorgeous, foul-mouthed stranger she meets at a hotel bar. But when the hotel catches fire in a freak lightning storm, Logan is discovered carrying her into the street, where they are caught on camera. Turns out, Logan is actually Logan Arthur, the hotshot candidate challenging the Texas governor’s seat, and the scandal threatens to sink his career.

To save their reputations, Logan proposes that they pretend to be in a relationship until election day in two months. But what starts as a simple plan soon turns into something more as they navigate their fake relationship and deal with unexpected feelings.

What you’ll learn?

By reading “The Boyfriend Candidate,” you’ll learn how to:

  • Embrace living outside your comfort zone
  • Take control of your life and make bold decisions
  • Navigate unexpected situations with grace and humor
  • Discover the importance of communication and trust in relationships

About Author

Author Profile Picture

Ashley Winstead

Ashley Winstead, a novelist with a Ph.D. in contemporary American literature, resides in Houston with her husband, two cats, and a cherished wine fridge. Visit to learn more.

To stay up-to-date on her upcoming releases and sales. Visit at below.

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