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About The Cat Who Taught Zen Book

The Cat Who Taught Zen pdf

In “The Cat Who Taught Zen PDF,” you’ll follow the story of an old cat who believes he’s the wisest creature in a distant city, until he hears of an ancient pine tree deep in the forest, rumored to hold infinite wisdom.

The Cat sets off on an adventure to find this tree, encountering a cast of memorable characters such as the Hare, the Magpie, the Wolf Cub, the Monkey, the Tortoise, and the Tiger, along with the energetic young Kitten.

As the Cat imparts wisdom to his newfound friends, he discovers that wisdom is a two-way street.

Learning Oppurtunity in The Cat Who Taught Zen PDF

In “The Cat Who Taught Zen Book,” you’ll learn:

  1. The value of humility and openness to new experiences.
  2. How wisdom can be found in unexpected places and through unexpected interactions.
  3. The importance of sharing knowledge and learning from others.
  4. The beauty of nature and the tranquility it can bring.
  5. The timeless lessons of Zen philosophy, presented in a heartwarming and accessible narrative.

About Author

James Norbury

James Norbury

James Norbury, an author and illustrator, crafts diverse worlds reflective of his ideal living spaces. Resides in Swansea, UK, with his wife Ruth and seven feline companions. Explore his work at

Don’t miss out on this beautifully illustrated and profound exploration of life and Zen.

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