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Book NameThe End of the World is Just the Beginning
AuthorPeter Zeihan
PublisherHarper Business
File SizeMB
FormatPDF, ePUB, paperback, Audiobook
Publication DateJune 14, 2022

🌍 Are we on the brink of a new era? 🌍 The world economy experienced its last great year in 2019, with everything getting faster, better, and cheaper. But now, that interconnected world is about to change dramatically.

In “The End of the World is Just the Beginning” book, geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan provides a glimpse of the future—a world where countries or regions will need to become self-reliant in making goods, growing food, securing energy, and handling their own battles. With populations shrinking and aging, the global landscape is shifting, and only a select few countries will sustain this new world order.

What You’ll Learn in “The End of the World is Just the Beginning” eBook:

  • 🔍 The necessity for countries to produce their own goods and food
  • 🔍 The significance of securing individual energy sources
  • 🔍 The emergence of self-reliant security policies and military defense
  • 🔍 The transformation of global trade and logistics systems
  • 🔍 The impact on financial markets and international relations

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Don’t miss this eye-opening, illuminating, and, yes, a bit terrifying journey into what lies ahead. Prepare yourself for a world-ending and world-beginning narrative like no other, presented with foresight, wit, and Peter Zeihan’s trademark irreverence.

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