Are you ready to delve into a world of intrigue and suspense? Find out the thrilling Mystery with ePUB & PDF of “The Guest Room” by Tasha Sylva. Let’s meet Tess, whose curiosity knows no bounds.

When she rents out her late sister’s room to make ends meet, her habit of snooping through her guests’ belongings becomes irresistible. As she stumbles upon Arran’s diary, her life takes a thrilling turn, with secrets, obsessions, and the eerie sense of being watched.

In “The Guest Room,” Tess, a compulsive snooper, rents her sister’s room to Arran, uncovering his intriguing diary. As she becomes immersed in his infatuation with a mysterious woman, the lines between reality and obsession blur. Is she in danger, or is she the one to fear?

In “The Guest Room Tasha Sylva,” you’ll learn:

💡 The consequences of yielding to our deepest desires
💡 The thin line between harmless curiosity and dangerous obsession
💡 The art of unraveling secrets that lead to unforeseen consequences

Get a copy of “The Guest Room” now and embark on a journey of mystery and self-discovery!

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