If you’re interested in exploring the intrinsic relationship between people, money, and nature, look no further than “The Natural Order of Money” by Roy Sebag. In this must-read book, Sebag expertly delves into the true cause of inflation, wealth inequality, and our collective disregard for ecological accountability.

By reading “The Natural Order of Money,” Book PDF you’ll learn:

  • The intrinsic relationship between people, money, and nature
  • The vital importance of farmers and the food they harvest
  • The solution for lasting prosperity and equitability
  • How a natural money system can assure lasting prosperity
  • The economic theory prioritizing equitability and sustainability
  • How to navigate economic confusion in a time of uncertainty

In a world plagued by inequality, inflation, shortages, and environmental stress, “The Natural Order of Money” is a compass that will help you find True North. This beautifully written book has garnered praise from readers and experts alike, including Jordan B. Peterson, who said, ‘[The Natural Order of Money] has given me a lot to think about. It’s beautifully written and a beautiful book.’

Business Matters Magazine also wrote, ‘The Natural Order of Money provides those who are critical of the modern capitalistic system, and those who are environmentally conscious, with an economic theory that prioritizes equitability and sustainability.’

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Roy Sebag

Roy Sebag, a third-generation farmer, is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in various industries, including mining, investment, technology, agriculture, and manufacturing. Despite no formal education, he’s an independent author and voice in natural philosophy and economics.

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