Uncover the captivating secrets of ‘The Will of the Many’ by James Islington, Book 1 of the thrilling Hierarchy Trilogy available in PDF format. In this gripping fantasy series, set in the prestigious Catenan Academy, a young fugitive embarks on a journey that unravels layered mysteries and reveals world-changing truths.

The Will of The Many Book

At the heart of the Catenan Republic, known as the Hierarchy, lies a vast empire that believes it holds absolute knowledge and control. But they are mistaken.

I will never surrender my Will to the empire that mercilessly executed my family. But to survive, I must navigate the treacherous hierarchy of the Academy. I must wear a mask, forge friendships, and pretend to be one of them. I must excel and win their trust because if I fail, those who know my true identity, those who seek to control me, will dispose of me.

In PDF of ‘The Will of the Many,’ you’ll learn:

  • The depths of deception and the cost of maintaining one’s true identity
  • The power dynamics and intricate web of secrets within the Catenan Academy
  • The challenges faced by a young fugitive in a world ruled by the Hierarchy
  • The quest for justice, uncovering ancient mysteries, and the fight for freedom
The Will of The Many

About ‘The Will of Many’ Author


James Islington

James Islington, hailing from southern Victoria, Australia, became a fervent fantasy reader until Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series ignited his desire to write. Currently residing on the Mornington Peninsula with his family, he penned The Licanius Trilogy and The Will of Many.

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