Get ready to laugh, cry, and cringe with Joey Diaz’s ‘Tremendous Life of a Comedy Savage’ in PDF format. From outsider to movie star, Joey’s life story is like no other. In this brutally honest memoir, Joey shares his unlikely journey to fame, from growing up in a tough neighborhood to serving time in prison.

In ‘Tremendous’ PDF, you’ll learn:

  • How Joey’s tough childhood shaped his personality and work ethic
  • The story behind his rise to fame in comedy
  • The dark and gritty moments of his life, including drug addiction and depression
  • The power of resilience and determination in the face of adversity

Joey’s story is not for the faint of heart. From dealing drugs to serving time, he’s been through it all. But through it all, he never lost his sense of humor and his passion for comedy.

About Author

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Joey Coco Diaz

Joey “CoCo” Diaz, a Cuban-American, wears multiple hats as an actor, comedian, podcast host, husband, and father. Born in Cuba, he migrated to the United States when he was just three years old. After losing his parents during his teenage years, Diaz delved into criminal activities that led to his imprisonment for kidnapping. However, he turned his life around and discovered his passion for comedy.

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Erica Florentine

Erica Florentine is a versatile writer who has contributed to various publications such as Bustle,, Thought Catalog,, WebMD, Fitness, Delaware Today magazines, and more. Along with this, she has also coauthored a book titled “The Foundation of a Successful Life.”

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If you’re a fan of celebrity memoirs or comedy enthusiasts, you won’t want to miss ‘Tremendous Life of a Comedy Savage.’ Download your free PDF today and get ready for a wild ride.

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