Twisted love pdf: Hi readers, Do you want to experience a love story like no other? In this blog I’m going to tell everything about the book called ‘Twisted Love’ written by Ana Huang. If you love to read adult streamy romantic book than this is for you.

In twisted love pdf book, Alex Volkov, a devil with a heart of ice, is forced to look after his best friend’s sister, Ava Chen. Despite their differences and the secrets they both hold, they can’t help but feel drawn to each other.

Ava Chen is a free spirit who sees beauty in the world, including the heart beneath the icy exterior of her brother’s best friend, Alex Volkov. Alex is a ruthless businessman haunted by a tragedy from his past, but when he’s forced to look after Ava, he starts to feel something in his chest. As their forbidden love blooms, it unleashes secrets that could destroy them both and everything they hold dear.

By reading ‘Twisted Love PDF’ you’ll learn:

  • The power of love to break down even the toughest barriers
  • The importance of facing your past to move forward
  • The risks and rewards of forbidden love
  • The beauty of finding love in unexpected places

Forget to tell you ‘Twisted Love pdf’ is the first book in the Twisted series by Ana Huang, a Tiktok sensation and USA Today bestselling author. You can read it as a standalone or continue with the rest of the series.

About Twisted Love Author

Ana Huang

Ana Huang

Ana Huang is a highly successful author, with her work achieving USA Today, international, and #1 Amazon bestseller status. Her writing style is centered around New Adult and contemporary romance genres, featuring alpha male leads, strong female characters, and plenty of romantic tension. Her books have been widely translated and featured in major publications such as NPR, Cosmopolitan, and the Financial Times. A lover of travel and food, she often incorporates stunning destinations and culinary delights into her writing.

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