Discover the secrets of successful investing with PDF of ‘What I Learned About Investing from Darwin’ by Pulak Prasad. In this captivating book, Prasad explores the crisis in the investment profession and offers a fresh perspective rooted in the principles of evolutionary biology.

Embark on a journey through the natural world as Prasad draws fascinating parallels between Darwinian concepts and the world of investing. Through vivid examples and compelling stories, including his own experiences, he reveals valuable lessons that can transform your approach to investing.

What I Learned About Investing from Darwin PDF

In ‘What I Learned About Investing from Darwin PDF,’ you’ll explore:

  • Unconventional sources of wisdom: Learn how bumblebees’ survival strategies can help you accept missing out on certain investments, and how the mimicry of a small frog sheds light on corporate dishonesty.
  • Counterintuitive principles for success: Discover Prasad’s three mantras of investing – avoiding big risks, buying high-quality assets at a fair price, and embracing a disciplined approach to laziness.
  • The power of long-term gain: Gain insights into the benefits of a patient, long-term investment strategy that focuses on permanently owning high-quality businesses.

With a combination of engaging storytelling and practical wisdom, ‘What I Learned About Investing from Darwin’ equips fund managers and investors with the tools they need to excel in their craft.

About Author

Pulak Prasad

Pulak Prasad

Pulak Prasad, an Indian author and investor, found his passion for investing while working at Warburg Pincus. After gaining valuable experience, he established his own firm, Nalanda Capital, focused on investing in listed Indian securities. Apart from his financial pursuits, he enjoys running and reading, particularly books on fiction and evolutionary biology. Inspired by his readers’ positive response to his quarterly letters, he authored the book “What I Learned About Investing From Darwin,” drawing parallels between investing concepts and evolutionary theory.

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