“When Love and Fate Collide” by Shayla Hart: A forbidden love tale. Experience the destiny-driven romance in this captivating ePUB/PDF book.

IWhen your best friend warns you off her brother… listen. But what happens when destiny has different plans? Brace yourself for a tale of love, fate, and unforeseen consequences.

About When Love and Fate Collide Book

When Love and Fate Collide PDF, EPUB, VK

In “When Love and Fate Collide” ePUB/PDF, Jeyla’s life takes an unexpected turn when she falls head over heels for Dean Reyes, her childhood nemesis and her best friend’s brother. Despite warnings, she can’t resist Dean’s allure, and their connection becomes intoxicating.

Fate, however, has more surprises in store when Jeyla discovers she’s pregnant. Determined to make their relationship work, Jeyla and Dean face the challenges that come their way, but destiny has its own agenda.

Learning Oppurtunities

In “When Love and Fate Collide pdf,” you’ll discover:

  • The intoxicating power of forbidden love.
  • The complexities of standing up against family for the one you love.
  • The challenges of embracing an uncertain future.
  • The relentless struggle against a fate determined to keep you apart.

About Author

Shayla Hart

Shayla Hart

Shayla Hart, a UK-based author, lives in London with her partner and two sons. When not planning events, she immerses in writing, crafting worlds of morally grey, alluring men with romance and spice. Battling depression, writing became her escape, transforming dark thoughts into words. In 2020, she gained success after turning her TikTok POVs into the novel “The Accidental Wife,” loosely based on her life. If you adore romance or emotional rollercoasters, read Shayla’s books. Follow her on social media for more engagement.

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