Discover the new space race with ePUB & PDF of ‘When The Heavens Went on Sale’ by Ashlee Vance. In this gripping book, Vance takes you on a journey through the private companies driving the revolutionary new space industry. From SpaceX to Astra, Firefly, Planet Labs, and Rocket Lab, he follows their race to control access to outer space and monetize Earth’s lower orbit.

Through unprecedented access to private company headquarters, labs, and top-secret launch locations, Vance delivers a thrilling account of the next tech frontier. He presents a world of private jets, communes, gun-toting bodyguards, drugs, espionage investigations, and multimillionaires guzzling booze as their fortunes disappear.

By reading ‘When The Heavens Went on Sale,’ Book PDF you’ll learn about:

  • The private companies leading the new space race
  • How these companies are striving to monetize Earth’s lower orbit
  • The challenges and risks involved in the private space industry
  • The people behind these pioneering companies and their ambitions
  • The potential impact of the new space industry on our future

About Author

Ashlee Vance

Ashlee Vance

Ashlee Vance is an award-winning writer for Bloomberg Businessweek, former reporter for The New York Times and The Register. He authored the best-selling Elon Musk biography and “When The Heavens Went on Sale” on the commercial space industry. HBO is developing TV series and documentaries based on his works. Vance grew up in Texas and has spent over two decades covering the tech industry from San Francisco.

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