A Perfect Vintage pdf: Join Lea Mortimer on her journey of self-discovery and find out what happens when the perfect vintage 👴 turns into a tempestuous storm. Hey, in this blog post today we’ll discover about the captivating world of “A Perfect Vintage” by Chelsea Fagan recently published on June 06, 2023.

About Book 📕


A Perfect Vintage Summary: In this book we’ll follow the story of Lea Mortimer [1], a skilled consultant, who finds herself entangled in unexpected affairs and familial disputes while renovating a French country estate.

In this enchanting story we’ll follow her journey as she learns that risking her heart may result in her meticulously-constructed life unraveling before her eyes.


In ‘A Perfect Vintage pdf,’ you’ll discover:

  • The art of balancing personal and professional boundaries
  • The consequences of unexpected love and desire
  • The complexities of family dynamics and inheritance wars
  • The resilience needed to rebuild a shattered life

A Perfect Vintage pdf Details

Book TitleA Perfect Vintage 👴
AuthorChelsea Fagan
PublisherOrsay Press
Available formatpdf, kindle, hardcover, audiobook, paperback
Published DateJune 06, 2023

Chelsea Fagan Profile Picture

Chelsea Fagan

Chelsea Fagan is author and writer of “A Perfect Vintage” Book. She is co-founder of the financial diet, a personal finance media company for women. She currently lives in New York City.

To stay up-to-date on her upcoming releases and sales. Visit at below.

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