Join Ilea on her journey through the world of Elos, filled with danger, adventure, and plenty of punching! Written by Rhaegar, the Azarinth Healer series available in PDF format has taken Royal Road by storm with over 60 million views and counting.

Azarinth Healer (2 Book Series) PDF

In this 2-book series, you’ll learn about Ilea’s adventures and struggles as she navigates a world where power is measured by one’s class, level, and skills. With a dual-Class LitRPG system, every skill, class, and ability can evolve, making Ilea’s journey full of twists and surprises.

Azarinth Healer Book 1

In Book 1, “Azarinth Healer,” you’ll join Ilea as she wakes up in a strange world where fantasy monsters are trying to kill her. Luckily, she discovers that her new home runs on a set of game-like rules that allow her to punch things harder than in her wildest dreams. With no quest to follow and no guide to show her the way, Ilea embarks on a journey to discover a world full of magic.

Azarinth Healer Book 2

In Book 2, “Azarinth Healer – Training in the Tower,” Ilea continues her journey south to join the Shadow’s Hand and hone her skills. There, she hopes to find kindred spirits who share her passion for battle, adrenaline, and near-death experiences. As she trains with the guild of high-level warriors, Ilea remains unaware of the fresh dangers already beginning to stir throughout Elos.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from the “Azarinth Healer” series:

  • Discover a world full of magic and monsters
  • Learn about the game-like rules that allow Ilea to punch things harder than in her wildest dreams
  • Follow Ilea on her journey to hone her skills and join the Shadow’s Hand
  • Experience the challenges and dangers that come with being part of a guild of high-level warriors
  • Witness Ilea’s growth in power and recklessness as she faces new obstacles and battles even bigger monsters

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If you’re a fan of Isekai stories, LitRPG, and action-packed adventures, the Azarinth Healer series is a must-read. To get your free PDF copy of the series, click on the link below and start your journey into the world of Elos today!

Azarinth Healer Book 1 PDF:

Azarinth Healer Book 2 PDF:

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